Belgian draught horse sculptures

Brigitte Boss makes Belgian draught horse sculptures also of your own horse. Here are some examples.

The Belgian draught horse with a powerful and stocky physique has a relatively small head with a short, heavy neck and a double mane comb. The hindquarters of the Belgian draugt are well developed. The short legs are strong with large hooves and hair on the pastern joints (wallpaper). The tails of these draft horses were docked in earlier times. In 2001 this is prohibited by law in Belgium and The Netherlands. The mane is still woven during inspections. The coat colors of the Belgian draught horse are: brown, black, fox and gray. The most common, however, is De roan (color variety) such as black-pink, brown-pink, or fox-rose we see a lot nowadays.

You can find more information about the Belgian draught horse on Wikipedia