Bronze dog sculptures/ A sculpture of your own dog

Brigitte is commissioned to make a bronze statue of your own dog in life-size.

The statue will not be an exact copy of your dog, but a sculpture with the artistic freedom and touch that a visual artist can afford. If you have a work made by Brigitte, you have already become acquainted with the nature and appearance of her dog and horse sculptures. You are familiar with her working method and way of finishing.

The statue is made on the basis of your wishes regarding posture and stance, which are determined in consultation. Brigitte also looks at information about your dog that you provide, such as photos or video impressions, but also about the character traits.

But it is always about Brigitte’s artistic vision of the dog and her artistic interpretation.

If desired, Brigitte will visit your dog, in that case for an additional price to be agreed in advance. It is based on time and travel expenses.

Brigitte’s sculptures cast in bronze have a limited edition of 8 and 4 EA (Épreuve d’Artiste).

Each copy comes with a signed certificate with a unique number. You get the first number, so 1/8

If you want to have a unique copy manufactured, a ‘Unica’, this entails a higher price, because the costs of the casting mold cannot be divided over several copies.

Costs are from € 12.000.- for a small dog, other sizes on request. Dogs Head are from € 4500,-