Horse head sculptures

Brigitte Boss makes horse head sculptures also from your one horse. Here you see some examples.

She has the ability to capture a horse head’s emotional complexity. Her horse head sculpture is characterized by the irregular surface in which Brigitte’s hand movements are clearly visible. Mobility is emanating from the image structure. The layering of the modeled elements and the use of color are reminiscent of how artists create their work. The play of light ensures the highest expression and endearment

Her horse head sculptures seem to develop their properties and form, seemingly by itself. Just like that, they seem to be there immediately. She opens up to what she sees around her and creates her pictures as she sees fit, inspired by nature. Realistic solid forms that grow to an absolute unity. The physical poses of these horse head sculptures; their ears, mouth and eyes tell a story. The viewer can however, trigger one’s own imagination as the maker has already done.